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What will be Barbaro's legacy? What will come from the death of the reigning Derby winner?

Pat Forde offers some ideas here. And while I think that some of them will never happen (any changes to the Derby, such as age, distance, date), but I think spreading out the Triple Crown over more weeks to allow for a less psychotic prep schedule, could happen. PolyTrac could also happen nationwide, but results from California and Keeneland will be crucial in making that determination.


I saw that piece - I like his ideas - I think many of the things are wishful thinking (the age bit) but the PolyTrac seems like a reality. Changing the dates of the races could do a lot to boost the industry if it holds the public for longer... so maybe.
That's why I said that anything that effects the Derby won't happen, save Barbaro possibly being buried at Churchill Downs.
what is the drug policy on the track as far as what is and what is not allowed? How does it compare to FEI and USEF rules?
I just wish they'd prohibit 2 yr old racing all together, but again, money talks louder than logic.
Exactly. I would LOVE to see 2 year old racing banned and the Triple Crown made into a 4 year old event. Then you wouldn't see so many random horses in the Triple Crown that you never hear from again, because it would be older, more established horses. Also Two Year old racing is such a crap shoot - the "hot" two year olds usually burn out.

And RE: your other question, I don't know. I'm really only familiar with USEF's drug rules - I know FEIs are stricter but I don't know much about the track. Also obviously at the track there is a much larger (financial) incentive to drug.