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Adam Lambert Sings at Life Ball

Adam Lambert received a huge honor in being chosen to perform at the Life Ball HIV/AIDS benefit in Vienna, Austria on May 25th. In addition to being a fundraiser, Life Ball is one of the biggest galas of the social season. The Life Ball song is a big part of the opening ceremony and Lambert’s fans were excited for new music now that his second album, Trespassing, has been out for a year. We watched the performance live on Austrian television streaming on the internet, as curious about his new outfit as his song. The song was Love Wins Over Glamour and was quite cheesy, but we were thrilled to have a new vocal. The theme for the year was 1001 nights and dancing in a jeweled jacket and boots, as Ali Baba, with forty shirtless thieves is always appreciated. Cheesy lyrics or not, it was a cool electro song and a great performance. However, Lambert didn’t seem anxious for us to have a professional copy, as then it would be considered by some his first single on his next album.
What happened to being able to release individual songs for a good cause and not have them perceived as more? Those days are apparently gone as Adam Lambert tweeted after the event, “Life Ball song was written specifically 4 this 1 time only costume ball & charity event. It's life was short but will live on via YouTube.” Fans were hoping this meant just the video and his performing the song live. Unfortunately, we got word today from the Life Ball official site, “Details have been finalised now and it was decided not to release the song for download, but to have it on youtube as said in the official statement.” No charity single from Life Ball, but maybe this means new music for Lambert’s fans in 2013.