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Apr. 7th, 2009


UNC is the 2009 National Champion!

The college basketball season is over, and the tears that may eventually flow will be those of happiness. North Carolina beat Michigan State for the second time this year, 89-72. When it was 21-7, I knew it was over. UNC came out to silence the partisan Michigan State crowd and dropped a 55-point half on the Spartans. Two more points than the first half of their game in December, which my family gave me shit for watching but I digress, and two more than the most ever scored in a first half of a title game. However, Michigan St. did manage to get it down to fifteen after being down twenty-four in the second half. While UNC was one of the highest scoring teams all season, it was the twenty-one turnovers they forced that ultimately won the game, led by eight steals by Ty Lawson. My only down thought in that whole game was that I wished Danny Green hadn't fouled out of his final game as a Tarheel. I'm thrilled that this team who got so close last year has finally cut down the nets. Now about finding the money to purchase a souvenir. And why does the women's version of the locker room t-shirt not come in gray? The thought of rain and a tight white shirt isn't pretty.

Apr. 2nd, 2009


NCAA Tourney

I can't believe the Final Four's almost here and I haven't written one word about the tournament. The ACC didn't do well on the whole, including an FSU 1st round exist, which surprised me not in the least. Nor did Clemson's loss, but BC's did a bit. Maryland's win was nice though. However, Wake Forest's loss did, as they were the only 1-4 seed not to advance. UNC did just fine even without Lawson against Radford and even better with him against LSU, Gonzaga, and Oklahoma. A friend of mine is an FSU grad and an Oklahoma native, so we've been trading shit. Finally decided before the OU game I'd had enough. Hence the wanting to watch the game in peace message on my Facebook. My Final Four is fucked, but not in the way I expected, Villanova delivered while Memphis folded like a cheap tent. And Louisville fucked brackets from coast to coast I'm sure. I just hope that a healthy and driven Lawson is enough to lead UNC to the title game. Unfortunely, I think Hansbrough may have to win the title, as I think it goes through Thabeet and UConn. Now my only problem is the FSU Spring Game aka the Garnet and Gold Game is at 7pm and the UNC game tips at 8:45pm, supposedly. However, I'm feeling the pull of one last trip into the Doak. Decisions, decisions.

Mar. 13th, 2009


(no subject)

Oy vey! Winning basketball games without the starting point guard is never easy. UNC discovered this today. They beat Va Tech 79-76, but they trailed much of the first half and never got any kind of decent lead. Lots of made free throws were needed as the 3-pointers weren't falling. Having Va Tech's best player in foul trouble helped as well. However, a win is a win. As for the next round, I'm not sure if I want to sit through FSU/UNC take two, it's way stressful. Fortunately it's Spring Break, so campus is deserted, so there won't be mass chaos unless the Noles win the title. Mixed feelings suck.

As for the rest of the conference tournaments, March has already been maddening. Kansas and Oklahoma are out of the Big 12 tourney and Pitt and UConn are out in the Big East. And six overtimes are enough to necessitate padded walls for anyone. That's how long the Syracuse/UConn game took last night. 71-71 at the end of regulation ended in a 127-117 win for Syracuse. And they never led until the sixth overtime. I didn't start watching the game until 10:30 when the Lakers game ended and didn't finish watching it until 1:20am. I hope they have meetings instead of practice before their game tonight. Not sure anything can top that madness, but seven overtimes have happened...

Mar. 12th, 2009


(no subject)

Finally back on top. That's where the Heels find themselves after sweeping Duke in the wake of UConn's loss. However, Lawson may not be healthy for the ACC tournament, so a #1 seed may be on the strength of the regular season. Oh, and if Bracketology is right, I'll be pissed. ESPN has UNC and Oklahoma in the same region. WTF? I'd rather any of the other predicted #2 seeds than Oklahoma. The Big East tourney could change things though, as the conference is right now slated to get three one seeds. I don't remember the last time that happened, and honestly don't see it as likely. As for the ACC tourney, I should've attempted to get tix. Especially since I haven't gotten nearly as much accomplished this week as I'd planned when I stayed in town. It would've been fun to see how far FSU could've gotten, as if they actually win a game, I'll be shocked. They're good, but road/neutral site wins decidedly aren't their forte. However, as I still have no job, I'm too broke to go out of town again until I go to Augusta for Masters/bridesmaid dress fitting. Anyway, more thesis update later.

Mar. 8th, 2009


Sports and Movies

It's happened again. Pitt beat UConn to free up #1 to be grabbed by Carolina if they can beat Duke this afternoon. And while ESPN was salivating over the UNC/Duke game in Durham, they've barely covered this game. However, asking Jay Williams who he thought wasn't being given enough of a chance to win their game this weekend was amusing. As hard as he tries to be objective, he still bleeds Duke blue. He did manage to not say "we" though, and the other commentators noticed it.

And on a history note, I watched Pearl Harbor for the first time in years. Too many years as a historian means I can't just watch stuff that I know the history of without picking it apart. Watching the planning sessions leading up to the attack is more painful than the actual attack because I just want to be like "Listen to the cryptographer!" Whether the actual cryptographer matched the broken code with the Japanese success at Taranto no one will ever know, but if they had that attack probably wouldn't have happened. Too shallow, my ass. Anyway, somehow my feelings about the rest of the movie have changed. I'm perfectly okay with the ending of the love story now, but would love to know how many of those people actually existed.

Mar. 6th, 2009


Sports Update

I totally missed the UNC game on TV tonight, even after UNC was mentioned on American Idol tonight (RIP Eve). Should've looked at the schedule after sleeping through Saturday's game. However, Sunday's game won't be forgotten, that can be assured. I'm glad it's a 4pm tip though. Hoping the Duke game goes better than the Maryland game I tried to watch Mardi Gras weekend. That loss and a Lakers loss that week are why my sports update is delayed. Every time I sit down to write it, something bad happens. And this was after an NBA All-Star Game that was fabulous. Shaq and Kobe playing together for the first time since Shaq left LA netted them co-MVP honors and more interviews than either of them mentioned. That was followed up by a UConn loss to Pitt, but UNC couldn't get the #1 spot. I'm just hoping they can beat Duke and win the ACC. A #1 seed and chance to start in Greensboro sure would be nice.

As for non-basketball stuff, Alex Rodriguez gave two interviews about his steroid use, but I still am not sure we have the truth. Especially since he claims he didn't know what he was using. However, his numbers tend to bear out that his time line might be truthful (2001-03). I honestly don't care as I think by the time his career ends the Hall of Fame will have made a decision about how much they are going to hold steroids against players. Plus, A-Rod has admitted more than McGwire, Bonds, and Clemens and hasn't perjured himself in the process. That should count for something.

Hopefully the rest of this month will be worthy of many updates, but I'm beginning to wonder if my journal's a jinx, with lousy web traffic to boot.

Feb. 12th, 2009


Sports Mishmash

Last night's UNC-Duke was fabulous...after the Heels rediscovered the key to defense. An eleven point lead early in the first half vanished mid-half due to a lack of defense and poor shooting. A 52-44 halftime deficit to a team that averages 83 points wasn't cool. However, after swapping leads in the low sixties, the Heels finally got the lead for good, and then put up 100 points on Duke for the first time in a while, 1995 I think. More importantly though, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green are the first players to beat Duke four times in Cameron since Tim Duncan and Rusty LaRue completed their years in 1997. However, despite this success, I'm still not sure of a number one seed, let alone a championship.

As for basketball of the professional kind, the Lakers finished a six game road trip with wins over the Celtics and the Cavaliers, the first of which was in overtime. The game was extremely close for one half before the Celtics opened up a lead that the Lakers didn't close until Kevin Garnett fouled out. Thus allowing the Lakers to win the game and a potential home court tie-break. However, the second win was equally stressful as being down ten at half is never good when the other perpetual MVP candidate, LeBron James, is the opposing team's best player. This wasn't the Kobe and LeBron show though, as neither scored twenty points. The Lakers proved that they can win as a team, which makes them very dangerous to the entire league. This game also secured a tie-break, which looms large after the home court wins last year.

On to legal matters, Michael Phelps hasn't been arrested yet for the infamous bong photo, but Richland County authorities haven't given up yet. They arrested eight others on possession charges, but apparently much of their questioning pertained to Phelps. Witch hunt much? However, that's nothing compared to the news generated when Alex Rodriguez confessed to steroid use, from 2001-2003 while he was with Texas. That's a day I never thought I'd see and am hoping that his confession and his continued career may some day get him into Cooperstown. I'm just sad that if he breaks the home run records, they won't be legit.

Feb. 4th, 2009


Still Here...Sports Update

I've been tossing an entry around in my head for a while, but stuff keeps happening that needs to be added. First off, I went to my last UNC basketball game as an FSU student. And while they tried, my alma mater failed in it's bid to ruin my night. Thanks to a last second buzzer beater by Ty Lawson. However, the game was close for a good bit of the second half after a sizable half time lead by UNC. FSU managed to get Hansbrough and Green in foul trouble and the lack of consistent defense was making me a nervous wreck. This was not helped by Wake's beating Duke as we waited for tip, which made me more frustrated when I thought an upset could happen. I'm not sure a title will happen this year due to injuries, which makes my sad for Hansbrough. I was at the game with fellow grad students who abided my cheering against the home team very well. Having one of them be a UK fan meant that I wasn't alone in my not being an FSU fan. After I waited through the exodus of irritated fans, it was worth it. Got high fives from three Carolina fans on their way out.

On the less amusing front, another FSU football player was dismissed for being an idiot. Falling asleep in the McDonald's drive thru because you are drunk and high is not cool. And right before signing day too. Sigh. However, other pot usage was much more famous this week. Apparently the IOC and his sponsors can forgive Michael Phelps for smoking pot, but the Richland County sheriff actually might charge him. Really? It's not his pot or bong I doubt, could make charges kinda difficult.

As for that little football game played this past Sunday, the right team won. 100+ yards in penalties does not a Lombardi Trophy deserve. Especially after a Nole was embarrassed by Roethlisberger on the first Steelers possession (yes Darnell, I mean you). And Anquan Boldin's whiny behavior after not getting enough passes in the NFC Championship game didn't help. However, at least this year I got to see the game, as opposed to having a staff meeting like last year. As such I got to see commercials too. I love the Budweiser Clydesdales' commercials, especially the circus one.

It's now officially basketball time until April, and the Lakers play the Cavs and Celtics again soon. Plus, the 11th is UNC-Duke, round one. The day's also the end of American Idol Hollywood Week means that two TVs will be necessary, tricky with them in separate rooms (TV card in my desktop). Anyway, that's the week that I've been slacking on.

Jan. 27th, 2009


Is anyone out there? (Edited)

I've failed at getting a job and had my power shut off in the last week. Oh, and I'm semi-sweating because I accidentally wore long sleeves and it's 69ºF. The failing to get a job hurt because I was attempting to ref intramural basketball, and earning the respect of males is high on my list of life priorities. Anyway, next shot (no pun intended) is softball if my applications for clerical jobs don't pan out. As for the power, Mom and I got our wires crossed on which bills we'd discussed, so she's paying the phone bill I'd intended to pay while I paid to restore power.

As for why I'm awake and productive before noon, tomorrow is my only chance to see UNC live. The ticket office opened early and the line was longer than I expected (damn e-mails to give info to casual fans). As for the weather, if this continues, I'll be wearing gray in the student section tomorrow instead of Carolina Blue, as that is the color of my only t-shirt, problem... After procuring my ticket, I treated myself to a java chip frappacino and headed for the library. The American Indian chapters of my thesis are due, so I was looking at advertising and mascots. It somehow feels wrong, but I'll have to use the J.B. Duke trading cards in the Library of Congress to complete the advertising chapter. Also, I found a dissertation on a North Carolina high school to flesh out the mascot chapter. Not much in the way of secondary literature though and a trip to FAMU will be required to get a book, not sure when though.

Random thoughts, I made teriyaki sauce the other night, 'twas yummy, but I burnt the hell out of my tongue while tasting. While watching the Inauguration I heard a hymn I haven't sung since Children's Choir, Simple Gifts, only the melody of the first two verses though, I noticed. Also, I neglected to comment in my first entry on the kids, whose J. Crew coats I envy, especially Malia's royal blue one. They are the cutest First Kids in forty years. And shame on TY, the Beanie Babies company, for taking advantage of them. Also, props to the Bush twins for the letter they left, great advice. And the scavenger hunt in the White House, during the Inaugural Balls, that ended with the Jonas Bros. in the East Room? Totally awesome!

Jan. 13th, 2009


UNC Time...Or So I Thought

At the beginning of the college basketball season there was discussion of a championship and maybe even a real shot at a perfect season for UNC. I knew better than to believe that perfection would happen, but didn't think that we'd be 0-2 in conference play. Not a good way to start in a conference where two losses is often one too many. I didn't see this year's BC game, but the second game last year taught me enough about Tyrese Rice that I'm not surprised he beat us this time. As for Wake, well, being beaten by the #4 team in the nation doesn't surprise me either, but that game wasn't nearly as close as the final score from where I sat. Perimeter defense is lacking (hoping Ginyard is better soon), as is consistent perimeter shooting from someone other than Green. That's the worst game I've seen from Lawson in a while, and Hansbrough too. And to whichever announcer said they didn't think missed free throws we hurting Carolina, I call bullshit. I just hope we get back on track before my upset-hungry alma mater gets lucky in a couple of weeks, especially as they didn't beat Duke last weekend.

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